Machine Accessories

'Birch' set of 4 Tweezers - straight, self closing, offset and wafer

CODE: 020249

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'Birch' set of 4 Tweezers. Styles of tweezers - self closing, offset, straight and wafer. Ideal to use with placing of small and delicate... More
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'Hemline' 3 piece Service Kit for sewing machines and over lockers / sergers

CODE: 145

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'Hemline' 3 piece Service Kit for sewing machines and over lockers. Kit includes 1 x brush and 2 screwdrivers. This kit includes a generous size... More
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'Hemline' Fine Point Tweezers - great for overlockers / sergers

CODE: 141

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'Hemline' Tweezers Fine Point for sergers / overlockers. The long fine point is idea for use with overlockers / sergers and sewing machines. ... More
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'Hemline' Needle Applicator and Brush - combination tool

CODE: 135

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'Hemline' Needle Applicator and Brush - combination tool. Holds a sewing machine needle steady and vertical which makes inserting a needle much... More

'Hemline' Set of 3 plastic Husqvarna Viking Bobbins

CODE: 120.21

AUD$3.95   AUD$3.35
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'Hemline' Set of 3 Plastic Bobbins Husqvarna Viking. Colour of bobbins - green.

Gutermann Sulky Pre Wound Bobbin - Tube containing 6 prewound bobbins

CODE: 709867

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Gutermann Sulky Prewound Bobbin. 1 tube with 6 prewound Bobbins inside. 100% polyester. Thickness: No. 195 - dtex 156 (2).... More
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Magnetic Seam Guide for Sewing Machines

CODE: 1.90

AUD$3.55   AUD$2.75
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Hemline Magnetic Seam Guide for sewing machines.

Threader Set Overlocker / Serger Needle and Looper

CODE: 140

AUD$3.95   AUD$2.95
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Hemline Threader Set Overlocker / Serger Needle and Looper

Titanium Quilting Needles Size 80 - Machine Needles - Packet of 3 needles per container

CODE: A6148.80T

AUD$7.95   AUD$6.75
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Klasse Machine Needles - Titanium Quilting Size 80. Titanium Size 80/12 Pack of 3 needles. Ideal for piecing and quilting layers of cotton fabric... More
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