'Clover' Ultimate Bent Scissors - curved blade

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Clover Ultimate Bent Scissors Ex-135b Curved blade. Blades with an excellent cutting ability, which enables you to cut at the base of your work.... More
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'Klasse' 8 inch Dressmaking Scissors - blue with floral design painted on the handles


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'Klasse' Beautiful 8 inch Dressmaking Scissors, Heavy Duty, High quality Italian drop forge scissors. Blue handles with floral design painted on... More
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'Xlasse' 4 inch Embroidery Scissors - Red Handles


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4 inch right or left embroidery scissors with an adjustable screw joint and a very fine sharp point. These are high quality Italian drop forged scissors... More
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10 cm or 4" Wooden Embroidery Hoop

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Embroidery Hoop 10cm Round Edges. These wooden embroidery hoops have a rounded edge and an adjustable tension screw for hand and craft projects. More

Titanium Multi Colour Stork Scissors


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Stork Scissors Titanium Multi Colours Plastic Sleeve to keep scissors in More
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