'Sassy Duck' Arizona Collection Wallet - Chocolate

CODE: ss1026

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'Sassy Duck' Arizona Collection  Wallet Chocolate. Multifold Slim Line Wallet With Large Button Detail. We also have a handbag to match... More
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'Sassy Duck' Cherry Blossom Wallet - Deep Pink Shade

CODE: SDCWGS8 sassy duck

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Cherry Blossom  Wallet Dark pink shade. Floral design embroidered on front of wallet. Fun and funky Purses and Wallets to Delight... More
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Sassy Duck' Polka Dot Wallet - colour fuchsia

CODE: 9201

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Sassy Duck Designer Label Polka Wallet In Fuchsia   Fantastic Fuchsia & White Wallet With Copious Pockets More
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