GO! Accu-Quilt



Introducing the            Accuquilt  GO!   Fabric   Cutter



Love to quilt but hate to cut?    

Now there's a new way to GO!




  • The AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter is a fast, precise, affordable fabric cutting system that allows quilters to cut fabric as much as 90% faster than scissors or rotary cutting.  
  • You can cut an entire quilt in minutes! It's patented, revolutionary, portable design allows you to carry and cut wherever you go-to classes, retreats and quilting bees.
  • The GO! Fabric Cutter is a must for anyone that has health issues that affect cutting.



  • Place die on cutter, FOAM SIDE UP. 
  • Place fabric on top of die. 
  • Place cutting mat on top of fabric.

  • Push die, fabric and mat firmly against roller.
  • Turn handle in direction you want the die to go.

  • Remove mat, die-cut shape and excess fabric.

  • Add new fabric and cutting mat on top of die.

  • Repeat process from opposite side.

  • No need to handle die between cuts!